The Statement of Purpose is one of the most important aspects of your application required by grad schools, college, university and immigration. Student need to reflect their writing abilities as well as present their claim.  Statement of Purpose gives you an opportunity to let the case officer or admission officer know your study background, work experience is relevant to your proposed course of study and how the chosen course benefit in terms of future career opportunities. It plays a vital role and helps the university to access an application. SOP must be original and written by you and must not be generic. Your statement of purpose must be convincing and must reflect your individual circumstances.

This includes:

  • The reason you have chosen to study the selected program
  • State the reason for not undertaking the study in your home country
  • Explain your personal and economical status in your home country
  • What made you choose the particular place and the institution, have you considered any other institution in the same location
  • Why and how this course is relevant to your previous qualification
  • Career paths after completion of your studies in overseas and home country
  • Family background and source of fund viability to support your expenses
  • Any additional information, which you feel, will support your application.